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Model no. 1125. Stacey had blonde or titian (red), hair. Waist length side part hair style tied with green hair ribbon/bangs. Head cello when packaged new. More details for Stacey- blue eyes, rooted eyelashes, blush, pink lips, brown brows, molded teeth.  Stacey head. Pink Talker body with Mexico arms. Knees bend. Head id inside rim @ 1965 Mattel Inc & country Body markings @ 1967/Mattel, Inc./U.S. & Foreign/Pats. Pend./Mexico The first issue was packaged in the thin clear box. Box dated 1968. Accessories clear posing stand, wrist tag.  Wardrobe description: Multicolor pink, hot pink, pale pink, green, navy, white striped 2 pc. swimsuit with a gold button on the left shoulder.
Talking Stacey

Note: In 1969, Stacey got a new style window box. Doll was the same as 1968 issue/ same item no. 1125. By placing the box top on the posing stand a delightful seat could be made. Talking Stacey's seat was 2 shades of green.  The hair ribbons are different shades of green.

No hair cello has been seen on NRFB dolls. If the items are sealed from the factory, you can lean to that fact it was packaged in the production process. These items were toys and factory workers did the work individually.






"Speaks with a British accent"

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