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In 1964, Miss Barbie was added to the Barbie family line This was the FIRST Barbie doll on the line with Life-Like bendable legs. "NEW" for 1964. Also, the Miss Barbie doll was the ONLY doll on the Barbie line with OPEN & CLOSE EYES.
The head was molded. She wore an orange head or hair band, which was removable, like the Fashion Queen's blue plastic hair band. Her eyes were blue, close 'n open eyes called "sleep" eyes. The doll had light brown brows, coral lips and painted nails.
Miss Barbie came w/ 3 wigs on a wig stand. She wore a one pc. pink swimsuit w/ a  matching cap, light pink high heel shoes. Also came w/a Go-Together lawn swing, a 3 pc. palm planter, Barbie- Home paper magazine, clock, radio, purple princess phone, tray with 2 glasses, booklet & instructions, gold wire posing stand. Her wigs colors/styles are: blonde pageboy, brunette flip, and red color or titian bubble (different shades of colors on some of these wigs can turn up) Her box dated 1963.
   Miss Barbie

      item 1060 This plastic

head can develop "melt marks" or damage on the head when the wig or wig caps are left on too long of a time. In late 1965, some of the Miss Barbie markings had raised letters instead of the intaglio.

The pink swimsuit w/gold glitter dots can be seen in variations-same color pink/gold glitter dots maybe less on some or closer to each other on the swimsuit.

Head marking: @ M.I. Body markings: with intaglio lettering @1958/Mattel, Inc./U.S. Patented/U.S.Pat.Pend Miss Barbie's body was the same size of the first Barbie dolls on the line but with an exception to her neck knob. Her neck knob had to be special constructed for this new design. More below.