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 a new molded head!!
  fashion queen
Item 870. 1963. Her head was either medium brown or dark brown. This doll was seen on the market late in 1963. Box date 1962. This doll wore a blue plastic removable head band & came packaged with 3 wigs for styling. This would be much fun for child's play time by changing the doll's wigs & giving the doll a new look.
The wigs were on a white plastic wig stand Wigs: blonde bubble, brunette page boy and a titian side part flip. This doll had blue eyes, brown brows, pink or coral lips. Note: Eye shadow can be seen more on some dolls as well as some with more cheek blush. Be sure the cheek blush is not added today. She came packaged with pearl post earrings, white mules/heels, a wrist tag, a black wire posing stand, a Barbie Ken & Midge Booklet dated 1962. Straight leg body with painted nails.
Fashion Queen Barbie had the larger neck knob. Doll came wearing a 1 pc. gold & white striped swimsuit & a matching head turban (one could have the turban on if the child didn't want to dress her in wigs). Special: Some collectors have found variation of wigs in NRFB sealed boxes. Markings are:  Midge T.M./c 1962/Barbie R/c 1958/by/Mattel, Inc./ in 1964 add word
More: Barbie Baby-sits was added in 1963 ( 3 issues).
 g i  f t   s e t s:  Fashion Queen Barbie and her Friends, Fashion Queen Barbie & Ken Trousseau Set. More: Fashion Queen Wardrobe Item 871, package dated 1963. Molded head which was painted dark brown or medium brown. Blue eyes, brown brows, pink or coral lips. The blue head band was removable. Included pearl stud earrings, white plastic wig stand, 3 fashion wigs (red hair flip, brunette page boy, blonde bubble style). Doll can be seen in both Color 'N Curl sets. Fashion Queen Markings are:  

Midge T.M./c 1962/Barbie R/c 1958/by/Mattel, Inc./ in 1964 add word.