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               The Casey doll was the same size as the Francie doll. The Twiggy doll also is the same size as Francie. Casey earring.
continue   Details: Casey the same size of Francie doll.
(shown below Twiggy boxed)
Mattel copied a well known personality,

Twiggy Markings: @ 1966/Mattel, Inc./U.S./Patented/U.S. Pat.Pend./Made In/Japan









This doesn't show all the hair shades for Casey/the web site gives you basic identifications.

This doll was on the line in 1967. Item no. 1180. She was the same size as the Francie doll and had the same markings as the Francie Twist 'N Turn doll Item 1170). Body: Twist waist, pink body with bendable knees. Casey has rooted eyelashes, blue eyes, very light brown brows, deep pink lips and blush. Molded teeth. Hair was a straight hair style that was parted on the left side. The ends of hair could be curled under.

Hair colors: Blonde, brunette or titian. Casey wears a 1 pc. swimsuit with a gold lame bottom and gold and white check top. She also came packaging wearing one gold dangling earring from the left ear. Clear posing stand. Box dated: 1966. She wore a wrist tag. Booklet WOBF dated 1966 was included with this doll.  Casey head markings: Inside the neck rim @ 1966 Mattel Inc & Country Body markings: @ 1966/Mattel, Inc./U.S. Patented/U.S. Pat Pend/Made in Japan Casey doll came in a Gift set called Casey Goes Casual. Vhtf item.



Twiggy doll

This was the first doll that copied a well known personality- Twiggy the famous English model. Item 1185. The Twiggy doll was the same size as the Francie doll. Body description: Her extra eye make-up made her look different from the Casey doll, even though both dolls had the same head mold. Hair was short blonde, rooted upper eyelashes & painted bottom lower lashes. Bendable body & twist waist. Doll can fade.

m o r e  s e t s  In 1967, 2 Tutti doll play sets were added. 3559 "Cookin Goodies" and 3560"Swing-A-Ling" All 5 sets from 1966 were still on the market at that time. Tutti got a new play friend, item 3570 Chris












see posing stand  






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