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American Girl, same item no. 1070 from 1966. Tan body bendable. painted nails Head cello when packaged new. Hairstyle different from the first 2 American Girl dolls. Chin/shoulder length hair w/bangs & middle part. This version had more of a softer type hair than the 1965 issue. Longer to medium hair lengths can be seen. Notice the 2 lengths in photos. Collectors refer to this style as the Long hair or LHAG (LONG HAIR American Girl). She could have high color face paint, like some of the Color Magic Barbie dolls have.  Blue eyes. Lips & brows could vary to match hair colors. Some of these dolls had the raspberry color lips (see photo), and high color blush. This doll wore a 1 pc. multicolor swimsuit-striped top & solid color turquoise bottom w/ matching turquoise heels. Gold wire stand.

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 American Girl swimsuit -came w/ turquoise heels Variations in swimsuit have been seen. Original packaging would be the best method to confirm authenticity/buy from reliable sources. Head markings inside rim: Copyr. @ 1958 Mattel Inc Body markings: indented & raised letters @ 1958/Mattel, Inc./U.S. Patented/U.S.Pat.Pend./ Made in/Japan

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american girl
   American Girl

new  d e s i g n  b e n d a b l e  s e r i e s,  1965

  item 1070 LEGS THAT BEND!!  American Girl Barbie, due to the classic bob cut hair style. In the beginning, most of these dolls had the classic shorter length hair. Many of the first dolls also had low color lips like peach, yellow or buttery colors. Hair description: Middle part, chin length bob cut. When packaged new in box, she came with head cello. Blue eyes. Brown brows. Yellow lips & a variety of lip & brow colors. Hair colors: a variety of most colors like brunette, titian & blondes as: ash, light blonde, dark blonde, or yellow blonde.

 There are so many shades and hair lengths to choose from. This gives you the basic info/photo of an American Girl. In no way, will this represent all hair colors, lips colors, skin tones on a lot of these dolls under historical. Also, a few RARE dolls had a bubblecut or a side part flip. The American Girl wore a 1 pc. swimsuit: multicolor striped top & solid teal color bottom with turquoise heels inside the box. This doll came with a wrist tag, gold wire posing stand and a fashion booklet, dated 1964; titled EFBMB Book 1. Her box was dated 1964 Mattel Inc. Painted nails. Head markings inside the rim: Copyr. @ 1958. This doll has the same markings as the Miss Barbie doll. Markings are: indented @ 1958/Mattel, Inc./U.S. Patented/U.S.Pat.Pend





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